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K.371. Kiemelt ajánlat!


In a small village of 25 people bordered by streams and forests on the border of ŐRSÉG and Hetés / almost a sack village / which is an island of silence and tranquility, an estate has been put up for sale.

The property is located on a plot with a 4,000 m2 arboretum-like garden, 4 huge hundred-year-old black pines, an ash forest and a pond. There are no direct neighbors, it is on the edge of the village, with a panoramic view of pastures. The house is in a bourgeois style, massively built by its first owner in the 40s, as he was a mason. Huge spaces, high ceiling / 3 meters / impressive door and window sizes. It is a unique phenomenon in a small village. The house was completely renovated in 2019.

What does that mean:
- the floors of the rooms were removed to a depth of 30 cm, in the usual layering order for new houses /gravel filling-tampling, 10 cm of reinforced concrete, VILLAS 4.5 waterproofing, 10 cm of Step-resistant NIKECELL, film and 8 cm of screed concrete / was rebuilt
- the walls were plastered again,  / with special rustic plastering / and painted
- complete new construction of water, electricity, sewage and heating system / heating, water piped in the floor with five-layer pipes, partly as underfloor heating /
- partially completely new, partially reinforced rafters in the roof system, completely new battens, roof foil, tile covering
- a partially completely new wooden beam floor structure
- double-chamber thermally insulated quality KÖMMERLING windows
- internal doors, English-style wood paneling, kitchen furniture, built-in wardrobe system with full wall sliding doors, all individually manufactured by a carpenter
- 10 cm wall insulation system with noble plaster on the outside, 5 cm insulation on the plinth painted in the color of the plinth
- in the rooms, oak Swedish floors
- high-quality cold coverings in the bathroom, hall and kitchen
- rainwater drainage is solved everywhere
- Pavement paved with BARABÁS cobblestones, as well as the 140-square-meter annex with this paving
- A cozy summer residence, "bunker" above a part of the half-roofed outbuilding covered with a completely new wooden tile
- two-part large cellar /DRY/
The house has a net living area of 190 sqm, which consists of a first apartment and a separate apartment. First apartment: 2 large rooms, 1 smaller room with wardrobe, hall, bathroom with toilet and bathtub, kitchen / sophisticated carpentry kitchen furniture with wooden fronts, RANGEMASTER stove, dishwasher / pantry and a hobby room-storage-laundry room. From here there is an exit to the basement/ 25 sqm / and a small storage room on the middle level. The basement storage can also be accessed from the outside. You can enter the hall of the first apartment through a large covered conservatory veranda.
Separate apartment: a 45 sqm room with a single floor space, a bathroom with a bathtub and a toilet. If required, rooms can be demarcated with walls.

The central heating, partly underfloor heating and entirely radiator, is provided by a new WESTEN condensing gas boiler, controlled by a Wi-Fi thermostat. Hot water is provided by an 80 liter electric boiler in the first part. The hot water in the apartment comes from a gas boiler.
A perfectly disconnected, dismantled fuse system was invented for the electrical installation.
Moving towards the back garden, the apartment is followed by the woodshed, then the workshop approx. 25 sqm. Then follows the completely newly built part of the semi-roofed annex, which can be used for several purposes. Water and electricity routed to the rear. Garage, covered grill area, sauna-jacuzzi complex... At the end of the building, there is a summer house-"bunker" built on the first floor for both children and adults. From here you can also enjoy a beautiful panorama of the surrounding pasture and our own small ash forest.
Wall structure: 47 cm small solid brick, with external 10 cm thermal insulation system / for the first apartment/
47 cm small solid brick - foil - 5 cm insulation - foil - Ytong 5 cm spacer meshed around the masonry / at the rear apartment area
The roof structure is traditional, wooden slab with stucco on the first part, new roof tiles. In the laundry room-apartment part, a completely new wood-beamed rustic system. Old tiles sorted and put back.
The entire roof structure of the wood storage workshop is new. Sorted tiles, old ones put back.
3x16A daytime, 1x20A controlled current
dug well / with good water flow /
20 m3 digester
The landscaped area is fenced, the ash forest is not, so you can watch nature's inhabitants up close on a pleasant summer evening from the garden.
Next to the property there is a separate 1,500 sq.m. built-in interior plot / below it, next to it with a forest /, with a newly connected electric clock cabinet, and a well with excellent water flow / stratified water / drilled. The building's 20 m3 digester was also placed here. According to the plans, a raised bed system and a small backyard would have been placed on this plot...the opportunity was there for anything. If required, this also applies to the matrimonial property.
We are parting with the property for family reasons, this is justified by changed health conditions. NOT AT ANY COST. The deadline for moving out is min. it would be half a year. WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR SERIOUS INTERESTS. We want the new owner to appreciate and enjoy what we tried to create here. The property can also be requested together with the equipment.


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