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Dear website visitor,

We welcome you to the website of the first real estate agency of the Őrség region, established in 1999.

The Őrség is one of the most beautiful regions of Hungary situated at the Hungarian, Austrian and Slovenian border. It is famous for its National Park, its friendly inhabitants and its excellent public security. For further information please visit our website, where you can find details in English and German languages.

> Őrség National Park< download english (PDF)

The „secret” of our company’s successful operation over the past ten years has been the correct, effective, professional and reliable buying, selling and managing of real estates. We offer classical village houses, recently built residential houses, riding-halls, boarding-houses, hunting-lodges, building sites and projects for touristic developments.

Our company can give you assistance in all kinds of services related to the real estate, such as site assessment, renovation, and recommendation of reliable local contractors for construction works. We can also provide information and help to facilitate negotiations carried out with the water and gas suppliers, and are ready to represent the customer in case of absence.

Our company has a sound legal background in the surrounding towns and Budapest as well. Contracts can be translated into the required languages. For non-EU customers we can also make all necessary official arrangements. We control and check the property rights and inform customers about construction possibilities.

The pictures found on our website are numbered. Please refer to these numbers, so we could provide you with detailed information in English or German languages. In case you were interested in any of the houses or you intended to buy a riding-hall or boarding-house please contact us at orsegingatlan@t-online.hu. If by any chance the pictures do not meet your requirements, please provide us with a detailed description so we could consult with our partner offices. 

Our company mainly deals with real estates found in the vicinity of the National Park of Őrség, but we can also offer you castles and industrial sites  all around the country as well as houses and flats in Budapest.

We thank you for your kind interest.

Yours truly owner of the real estate company


Az első őrségi ingatlanközvetítő!
Anno 1999
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